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Roll into Sitting like a Baby Jul 09, 2019

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Welcome to the First video of a little segment, I am going to call:

Movement Lesson for Tired Moms of Kids with Special Needs

Learning to move like a baby will give you AMAZING insight into how your child moves. 

Becoming more aware of your own movements will...

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Just what are these 9 Essentials® of the Anat Baniel Method®? Jun 22, 2019

Maybe you’ve heard of them. 
Maybe you have the book ("Kids Beyond Limits", Anat Baniel), but haven't read it.
Maybe your amazing ABM practitioner keeps talking about them. They’ve probably even given you a copy :)
But you’re still confused.

What are these 9 Essentials®?

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Parenting Children with Special Needs: Moving from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset anat baniel method connection parenting kids with special needs Apr 01, 2019

How Do You Parent Your Child with Special Needs? 
With a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset?

I find self-help and respectful-parenting books fascinating, as many mirror the same principles as the Anat Baniel Method©.
It's exciting to have so many different types of work...

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Unique 5 Min Way to Breathe Easy Feb 20, 2019

What nostril do you breathe more out of?

Exploring your breath in new, unique ways gives your brain information to reorganize old habitual movements that aren't serving you well.

As you go through this simple movement lesson, you'll probably notice your breath slowing down and...

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