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Are you...

Recovering from a stroke, brain injury or neurological diagnosis?

And want to...

Gain flexibility, mobility, and stability...

✔️without leaving your chair?

✔️in only minutes per day? 

✔️without special equipment?

Now you can!
With the ChairMoves Club!

For only $15/mo!
(no contract, cancel anytime)


5 min

to better balance, coordination and less spasticity

using gentle, brain-based exercises



Mobility, coordination and stability...

... is a result of how your BRAIN has organized your whole system/body to move.

If you ONLY focus on strength training (or stretching) to fix your mobility issues, you are missing out on the potential of your brain's ability to change!

But that can all change when you exercise smarter (and not harder!)

Why ChairMoves Works:

Because it's NOT really exercise. It's BETTER than exercise.

ChairMoves are gentle movements designed to wake up your brain.

These gentle movements will access your own BRAIN to update old movement patterns that are causing your mobility, balance, flexibility and coordination issues.

ChairMoves is for you if...

  • You've had a stroke, brain injury or neurological disorder diagnosis.
  • You have mobility, coordination, balance or spasticity issues.
  • You have 5 min and a chair, to follow along with some slow, gentle movements that will access your brain's ability to learn and change.

What you'll need:

Something to sit on!
It could be: an office chair, a kitchen chair, a wheelchair, a stool, a couch, a bench, or a coffee table...

It doesn't matter.
As long as you can sit your butt on it
and your feet can touch flat on the floor... 

That's all you need to do these exercises!


What ChairMoves in NOT:

  • ChairMoves is not Yoga.
    Instead of stretching, you'll learn gentle movements to use your whole body more efficiently. Get better flexibility, without stretching! 
  • ChairMoves is not strength training.
    The movements will help your brain better align your whole body, so you can stand longer, lift heavy things safer and get out of bed easier. You'll be stronger, because your skeleton system will be aligned better.  

What results can you get from ChairMoves? 

  • ChairMoves can help increase range of motion and flexibility
  • ChairMoves can provide relief from: back, neck and shoulder pain symptoms
  • ChairMoves can help increase coordination and balance
  • ChairMoves can help improve posture
  • ChairMoves can help reduce fatigue
  • ChairMoves can help increase creativity and productivity
  • ChairMoves can help improve sleep
  • ChairMoves can help to reduce falling and increase stability in standing and walking
  • ChairMoves can help to calm your nervous system

So Let's Go! 

Join us inside the ChairMoves Club

In under 5 min, you could have better balance, coordination, mobility, stability with less spasticity.


What members are saying... 

What's inside the ChairMoves Club?

  • Every Tues, you'll get an email with a new ChairMove.
  • Each video will be under 5 min and designed to wake up your brain to new movement patterns, ideas and possibilities.
  • Upgrade your brain every week!
  • Themed months such as: ChairMoves to improve balance and stability, ChairMoves to Reduce Spasticity, ChairMoves to reduce the symptoms of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain and so much more!
  • Access to all previous month's videos.
  • Because brain-based movement should be accessible for ALL humans, the ChairMoves Club is only $15/mo!

Hi! I'm Jen!

I'm passionate about teaching humans how to move better by working with their brain!

After the birth of my daughter with a rare genetic disorder, I quickly discovered that her physical challenges couldn't be fixed by doing exercises to her.

I had to find a way to teach her brain - the command center of our whole body - to learn how to better organize her own movements.

I found NeuroMovement® and started teaching other parents how to help their children with disabilities. 

In 2020, I found myself teaching online. A lot. As I spent more and more hours sitting in front of my computer, writing emails and editing videos, the more and more aches and pains I had. 

I started applying the same brain-based movements I used on my own daughter and 100's of clients over 9 years, on myself and I'm now pain-free, more creative, more confident and more joyful.  

Brain's coordinate our physical, emotional and intellectual abilities. It's a complex system, and once one piece is upgraded, the other pieces are too!

Your brain has ability to change, learn and grow new connections. 

Support your brain through ChairMoves.


Join us inside the
ChairMoves Club

5 min, gentle brain-based exercises to improve coordination, balance, stability, flexibility and reduce spasticity

For only $15/mo!
(no contract, cancel anytime)