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Just what are these 9 Essentials® of the Anat Baniel Method®?

Jun 22, 2019

Maybe you’ve heard of them. 
Maybe you have the book ("Kids Beyond Limits", Anat Baniel), but haven't read it.
Maybe your amazing ABM practitioner keeps talking about them. They’ve probably even given you a copy :)
But you’re still confused.

What are these 9 Essentials®?
Who has time to read a BOOK??
Can they REALLY help my child with special needs?
How am I supposed to seamlessly add them into my daily life of complete chaos?

You CAN use the Essentials to turn on your child's learning brain. 
You CAN use the Essentials in your everyday life. 

Grab that cold cup of coffee and watch this quick video:

Want to support your child at home...

✔️in between Anat Baniel Method® lessons?

✔️without pain, tears or frustration?

✔️with natural, brain-based movements?

✔️in only minutes per day? 


Online Movement Courses to help your child with:
Better Head Control
Reduce Spasticity
Improve Low Tone
Improve Scoliosis
Rolling Over
Independent Sitting

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