Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Lessons

In person lessons with Jen Stewart
Chilliwack, BC 

Connect to your Child

NeuroMovement, or the Anat Baniel Method, respectfully uses your child's own unique strengths to build upon. 

Starting where your child is most comfortable and safe, NeuroMovement uses science-based techniques to wake up your child's brain to discover new possibilities.

Learn how to move from "fixing' to connecting.

Can NeuroMovement® Help my Child?

NeuroMovement, or the Anat Baniel Method, can help a wide variety of diagnosis's including (but not limited to): 

  • Autism
  • Brain Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke
  • Genetic Disorders (Down's Syndrome, Fragile X, etc.)
  • Undiagnosed Disorders
  • Global Delays

How Long Before I see Results? 

You should see changes within the first 3 lessons. 
These can be small changes or very dramatic changes.
Changes I have seen with my own daughter (rare genetic disorder) include:
  • Better sleep
    (deeper and longer sleeps, easier to fall asleep)
  • More babbling/verbal
    (new sounds and words with each lesson, more intention with her sounds)
  • More control over tongue, mouth and feeding
    (less choking, less stuffing, able to handle different textures)
  • Better co-ordination overall, with dramatic changes in gross motor skills
    (walking, running, jumping, bike riding, climbing)
  • Brighter eyes and more engaged with her surroundings
    ​(smiling, laughing, communicating desires and interests) 

How Often Should We Get Lessons? 

I highly recommend doing "intensives", where your child gets 3-6 lessons over 2-3 days. This seems to result in more changes than doing once per week lessons. 

By blocking the lessons, their brains are given an influx of quality information to work with. 

After a block of lessons, you should see immediate changes and often changes will keep happening 1-2 weeks afterwards as their brains assimilate the new information into their daily lives. 

What to Expect During a NeuroMovement® Lesson:

  • Lessons are 30-45 min.
  • Dress your child comfortably and bring a snack and water. 
  • Learning is hard brain work and expect your child to be hungry and/or tired afterwards. 

Where can I get Anat Baniel Method® lessons?


In Person:

Come to my office in Chilliwack, BC, Canada

$75 for each 30 min lesson (for children 0-5yrs old)
$100 for each 45 min lesson (for children 5yr-Adults)

Email for more info or to book lessons:
Jen Stewart
[email protected]



Private Zoom Lessons: 
Your chance to have an Anat Baniel Method® practitioner in your living room! I'll guide you through movements to improve your unique issues (or your child's). 

$50 for each 30 min lesson (child or adult)

Email for more info or to book lessons:
Jen Stewart
[email protected]

Guided Videos:
Convenient and cost effective.
Perfect for those looking to support themselves or their children right from home.
Access the online library of guided videos you can follow along, anytime, anywhere.
Immediate access, so you can get started right now:

>>> CLICK HERE For Parents with Children with Developmental Delays or Disabilities

>>> CLICK HERE For Adults with Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain 

Hi! I'm Jen!

I'm passionate about teaching humans how to move better by working with their brain!

After the birth of my daughter with a rare genetic disorder, I quickly discovered that her physical challenges couldn't be fixed by doing exercises to her.

I had to find a way to teach her brain - the command center of our whole body - to learn how to better organize her own movements.

I found NeuroMovement® and started teaching other parents how to help their children with disabilities. 

In 2020, I found myself teaching online. A lot. As I spent more and more hours sitting in front of my computer, writing emails and editing videos, the more and more aches and pains I had. 

I started applying the same brain-based movements I used on my own daughter and 100's of clients over 9 years, on myself and I'm now pain-free, more creative, more confident and more joyful.  

Brain's coordinate our physical, emotional and intellectual abilities. It's a complex system, and once one piece is upgraded, the other pieces are too!

Your brain has ability to change, learn and grow new connections!