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woman pointing to leg of skeleton to explain the leg and pelvis connection

What does the Pelvis have to do with spasticity in the legs?

anat baniel method spasticity Mar 20, 2021

 How much freedom of movement do you have in your pelvis?

How does the movement of your pelvis influence the movement of your leg? 

Come explore this quick 1 min movement class with me!  


1. Explore just rolling your leg.
Feel the femur head rotating inside your hip socket.

2. Now explore rolling your pelvis from side to side WITH your leg rolling.

Would better organization of BOTH movements (pelvis AND leg) be helpful for movements like... walking? crawling? rolling over?


The best part is that better organization between the pelvis and legs can be done WITHOUT stretching through slow, gentle movements.

Remember... the BRAIN is what controls our muscles to contract or let go. You can access the brain through slow, gentle micromovements.

Come explore with us!

Learn the 3 Steps to Reduce Spasticity:

Want to support your child at home...

✔️in between Anat Baniel Method® lessons?

✔️without pain, tears or frustration?

✔️with natural, brain-based movements?

✔️in only minutes per day? 


Online Movement Courses to help your child with:
Better Head Control
Reduce Spasticity
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Rolling Over
Independent Sitting

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