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3 Steps to
Reduce Hand Spasticity

using gentle, brain-based movements parents can do right at home with their child with special needs
WITHOUT stretching, repetitive exercise or pain


  • Stretching can be painful for your child and it's a battle of guilty feelings and wondering if there's another, more gentle, and respectful way.
  • You regularly do exercises with your child, but aren't seeing much change because the fact is muscles don’t contract or let go on their own…  our brain’s control our muscles... and you need a program to show you exactly how to access their brain.
  • You want movements that your child actually enjoys, are respectful and you can do in just a few minutes throughout your day.
  • You're tired of dragging your kids to appointment after appointment, only to wonder if there were simple, gentle movements you could do at home and get even better results.


Parents need a way to access their child's brain to reorganize the spastic movement patterns 
that they can do right at home in just minutes per day


Fortunately... there's a gentle brain based solution that does just this.

What other parents are saying...

Hi, I'm Jen!

I'm so happy you are here!


I'm a mom of three (one with a rare genetic disorder). I teach parents how to access the remarkable potential of their child's brain through movement, so that they can reach their next milestone. 

These are the simple movements I wish I’d known how to do when my own daughter was first diagnosed.

Before I knew about Brain-Based Movements, we were given a LOT of repetitive exercises that were time consuming, my daughter didn't like and we just weren't seeing results. 

Once I understood that movement is organized by the brain and started changing a few simple, everyday movements, my daughter started changing. We began noticing: better balance, less back-arching, better sleep, more emotionally regulated. This all helped her to build on what she was able to do, to reach her next milestones again and again. 

Come explore movement, while helping your child reach their potential!

Watch the free video here:

3 Steps to
Reduce Hand Spasticity

using gentle, brain-based movements parents can do right at home
WITHOUT stretching, repetitive exercise or pain