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Reaching with Intention to create change (the Anat Baniel Method® way!)

Dec 04, 2020

Create change (and a learning moment) for your child with special needs just by exploring reaching!

How does adding in an intention (reaching for a fun toy in this case) change the way your child's ribs move as they reach???

Get down on the floor and let's explore!

Try it yourself first...
TRUST ME... you will be better able to transfer what you FEEL yourself to create bigger changes for your child. So get down and explore yourself, before your child. 

✅Feel your ribs with one hand as you reach for a toy with the other.
✅Move the toy and feel how your rib movements change.
✅Do your ribs slide down, up, forward?

Now explore with your child. Make sure they are comfortable (modify if needed to keep them safe and comfy)
✅Place a gentle hand on their ribs.
✅Place an interesting toy within their ability to reach.
✅Feel any movement in their ribs as they reach.
✅Move the toy and feel if their ribs shift and move?

Remember... it’s not about ‘making’ your child reach for the toy.
🧠The goal is for their brains to explore movement in a safe, supportive way.
❤️Keep it slow, safe, supportive.

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