Does your child really need stronger neck muscles for better head control?

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2021

Looking for exercises to help increase your child's head control?

Tried ALL the neck muscle strengthening exercises and they just aren't working (no matter how many and how often you practice them with your child)?

Maybe the answer to increasing head control has very LITTLE to do with neck muscle strength, and everything to do with how well your child's brain can organize their WHOLE body to hold their head on top of their spine.

If your child's spine or pelvis DOESN'T move, then they will need a LOT of muscular effort to hold up their head. BUT if their spine and pelvis are well-organized (can move with freedom and ease!) then it's easy to hold their head up!

Understanding the relationship between the head and the pelvis can catapult your child’s progress.

By changing a few EVERYDAY MOVEMENTS… how you pick up your child from lying down or from sitting… can activate your child's own brain to discover easier, more efficient ways to move.  

Start exploring the 3 Everyday Movements for Better Head Control and create change with your child today:

(with Jen Stewart, Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement® practitioner)

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