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How much Anat Baniel Method® should we do?

Oct 22, 2020
Ever wonder how many ABM® lessons your child with special needs should be getting?
I had a fabulous member ask a few questions inside our private FB group today, so thought I'd answer in a video. Watch to find out:
  • How many ABM® lessons your child should be getting.
  • What is ABM’s approach/feeling towards simultaneous methods of therapy?
  • AND... what you can do at home to support your child in between ABM lessons. 
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See you in the next video!
XO Jen

Want to support your child at home...

✔️in between Anat Baniel Method® lessons?

✔️without pain, tears or frustration?

✔️with natural, brain-based movements?

✔️in only minutes per day? 


Online Movement Courses to help your child with:
Better Head Control
Reduce Spasticity
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