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Help your Child Create New Neural Pathways in 2 min

9 essentials abm May 20, 2020

You can access the potential of your child's brain with a few simple tools (Anat Baniel calls them: the 9 Essentials®)

Let's take a closer look at Movement with Attention and how FAST you can engage your child's brain, just by bringing attention to WHAT they are doing.  

BUT... it begins with your own awareness. 

The more Attention YOU can bring to your own movements, the more your CHILD will be able to bring attention to their own movements. 

Follow along with this 2 min video to experience tapping into your own brain's ability to change and upgrade. 

Using this tool with your child can be as easy as CREATING the space for them to bring attention to their own movements. 

To learn more... let me guide you on exploring your child's unique movement journey inside the Movement Class Membership. 

Want to support your child at home...

✔️in between Anat Baniel Method® lessons?

✔️without pain, tears or frustration?

✔️with natural, brain-based movements?

✔️in only minutes per day? 


Online Movement Courses to help your child with:
Better Head Control
Reduce Spasticity
Improve Low Tone
Improve Scoliosis
Rolling Over
Independent Sitting

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