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Top 4 things to expect during your child's first Anat Baniel Method® Lesson

Jan 17, 2020


I remember my first time visiting an ABM® practitioner with my daughter. I was soooo nervous. I had NO idea what to expect. Sure, I'd watched a few YouTube videos, but I honestly couldn't tell what they were doing.

Now that my daughter is 9 years into ABM lessons and I've become a Practitioner, myself, here's a list of things I like to share with my new families who come for lessons.

The top 4 things to expect during an Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) lesson:

1. Expect to wonder what in the world your ABM practitioner is doing! 

Some of the movements are soooo slow and sooooo tiny that you'll wonder if they are even doing anything.

They are actually doing a LOT.

Our brains learn through movement and one way to access your child's brain is through slow, teeny tiny movements.

"Movement is the language of the brain." - Anat Baniel

Your child's brain is soaking up all those slow, gentle movements.


2. Expect your child to be more engaged.

One of the reasons ABM creates results, is because slow, gentle movements are a fantastic way to CONNECT your child to themselves and to the world around them. 
You may notice your child making eye contact with you, the practitioner, or their siblings during the lesson. 

Often the kids I work with, get a delicious internal gaze. You'll know it when you see it! 
It's a sign that they are connecting to themselves. They are feeling themselves with the movement.


3. Expect them to be hungry and thirsty.

All this concentrated awareness of themselves, and paying attention to slow movements are extremely hard work for the brain!

Think back to the last time you REALLY concentrated on learning something for longer than 5 min. 
Like doing your taxes in one sitting, or first year calculous. 
Think of how tired you were afterwards.  

Learning new things, whether it's math, a new tax program or movement, uses up a lot of energy. 
Most kids are starving after an ABM lesson. Some kids even need to snack during the lesson. 
If your child still nurses or drinks a bottle, they may even need to nurse during the lesson. 
Your practitioner will be totally fine with it all and encourage it. 


4. Expect some sleep side effects.

The GOOD kind of sleep side effects!
Most kids nap longer and sleep sounder! Yay!

I fell in love with ABM because it brought my child to life. She became more engaged and aware of the world around her. She laughed for the first time after ABM lessons. She said some of her first words after ABM lessons. She was able to step off a curb without falling after ABM lessons. 

But maybe the most life-changing side effect of ABM for us, is that she sleeps better after a series of lessons. 

Growing brains need rest and many of our kids just don't get enough solid sleep. 

I hope that give you a little insight into what to expect during a series of lessons with a practitioner!

See you in the next online movement class!
XO Jen


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