Essential #4 - What is Subtlety?

the 9 essentials® Jul 14, 2019

Subtlety is the Reduction of force.

🧠Reducing force is important for our brains! It increases our sensitivity, which allows us to notice more differences!

🧠Noticing finer and finer differences, is the basis of how our brains learn.

Often we’ll use more force, more effort and try again, when things get hard, or when something's not working.

The problem with that method, and applying it to our kids, is that they don’t know how to do that thing yet! 🤔
If they knew how to do that thing, they would already be doing it!
So adding more force, doesn’t give them the extra pieces of the information that they're missing.

They are missing the little bits of information to get them there.
👉They are not missing more effort!

Our kids are the hardest working kids I know.❤️
They are not missing more effort, but their brains might be missing information (or finer and finer differences).

Going harder, using more force, doesn't give their brains the information that they are missing.

✔️Reducing your force (reducing that amount of "noise" that the brain has to sift through), you create more opportunities for their brains to notice differences.

Which can open up a whole universe of learning for your child!

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