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Move your Ankles for Better Balance

Sep 04, 2020
Ankles are made to MOVE.
Maintaining balance in standing and walking are hard to do... when your ankles don’t move!
You can explore the movements of the ankle with more FREEDOM when you lie down, or sit on the FLOOR.
When gravity is taken out of the equation, the brain can stop being busy organizing muscles to keep you upright. Which for some us (and our kids), can be a lot of effort for our brains. 
When you lie down, the nervous system has a chance to let go and concentrate on learning new things…. Like how your ankles can move!
Get down on the floor today and explore how your ankles can move!
Pro Tips:
  • Go SLOW!
  • Get CURIOUS!

Keep moving!

The "Learning to Stand while Lying Down" workshop is up and ready for parents interested in easy movements to explore with their child to encourage the organization of standing (while lying down!).

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Want to support your child at home...

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Online Movement Courses to help your child with:
Better Head Control
Reduce Spasticity
Improve Low Tone
Improve Scoliosis
Rolling Over
Independent Sitting

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