with Jen

 your brain's incredible power to upgrade
with gentle, respectful movements 

For Parents
For Adults

Reorganize your brain
to function at it's optimum and...

✔️Calm your nervous system.
✔️Reduce pain.
✔️Increase flexibility.
✔️Discover new ways to move. 

Brain-Based Movements for 
Every Body


For Parents:

Choose from: 
Better Head Control
Rolling Over
Reduce Spasticity
(and so many more!)

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For Parents:
MindfullMovement Program

Support your child with developmental delays or disabilities reach their potential, right from home. Unlimited access to the full library of guided videos.

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For Adults:

Gentle exercises you can do in 5 min, to help recover from Stroke, TBI, Brain Injury, Neurological Disorder, etc)

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Hi, I'm Jen


I'm passionate about teaching humans how to move better by working with their brain!

After the birth of my daughter with a rare genetic disorder, I quickly discovered that her physical challenges couldn't be fixed by doing exercises to her.

I had to find a way to teach her brain - the command center of our whole body - to learn how to better organize her own movements.

I found NeuroMovement® and started teaching other parents how to help their children with disabilities. 

In 2020, I found myself teaching online. A lot. As I spent more and more hours sitting in front of my computer, writing emails and editing videos, the more and more aches and pains I had. 

I started applying the same brain-based movements I used on my own daughter and 100's of clients over 9 years, on myself and I'm now pain-free, more creative, more confident and more joyful.  

Brain's coordinate our physical, emotional and intellectual abilities. It's a complex system, and once one piece is upgraded, the other pieces are too!

Your brain has ability to change, learn and grow new connections. 

I am privileged to be working, living and playing on the Stó:lō unceded traditional territory of the Pilalt, Semá:th and Ts’elxwéyeqw

For a worldwide listing of practitioners, please visit www.NeuroConnect.world