About Jen

My passion is connecting to kids through movement.

I began my journey with the Anat Baniel Method after the birth of my second daughter (who has a rare genetic disorder).
I quickly discovered the world of therapies and the race to reach milestones. Most therapists talked about, instead of to, my daughter and placed her in positions she was scared of.

Meanwhile, we saw little progress.

Something was missing.

A connection to the therapist and a connection to herself. Then I discovered a wonderful ABM practitioner, who was the first professional to look her in the eye and REALLY see her. We did an "intensive" set of ABM lessons and immediately saw better balance, coordination and engagement with the world around her.

My daughter was waking up!

Around the same time, a friend gave me Norman Doidge's book, "The Brain that Changes Itself", which introduced me to neuroplasticity.

ANY brain can change and learn, and as we did more ABM lessons, I could see that movement was a brilliant way to tap into my child's potential.

I want to share how to connect to your child through movement with YOU, the everyday parent. Because I was there, deep in the trenches of the unknown.

Let me guide you to move into hope.

XO Jen


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