Frustrated with the stretching exercises you've been given?
Not seeing results?
Is stretching uncomfortable for your child?


If you've ever wondered...
there has to be a gentle, respectful way to help my child,
there really is!


The Reduce Spasticity Program 

made for parents with children with...
Developmental Delays, Cerebral Palsy, Genetic Disorders, Autism, Brain Injuries


Step-by-step guided videos with gentle exercises to reduce spasticity and help increase range of motion and coordination


What's waiting inside the Reduce Spasticity Program?

Section 1
Reduce Spasticity in the Arms and Legs

  • 8 guided videos showing you the gentle exercises your child's brain needs to reduce spasticity in the Arms and Legs. 
  • Instead of focussing on stretching, learn the exercises to help your child's brain organize the coordination of their muscles to contract or release

Section 2
Reduce Toe Walking

  • Learn how to support your child's brain to change habitual movements patterns (Tip Toe Walking!)
  • 3 guided videos showing you simple exercises you can do in minutes a day.

Section 3
Demo Guided Video

  • Follow along with the guided video for the exact movements used to reduce spasticity for this client.
  • Listen to my thought process with all my tips and bonus movements, for better understanding, so you can apply them to your own child.

Section 4
Arm and Leg Movements

  • Legs don't move in a vacuum! Our legs are a part of our complex bodies.
  • Help your child's brain connect their legs to their pelvis, to their spine, ribs, arms, etc. for better balance and coordination with these 8 BONUS guided videos. 



by working WITH your child's brain
(instead of against it)

Learn gentle, respectful movements, your child actually enjoys to create connection, engagement and natural learning, right from home

No more guessing how to help them, googling different exercises, or over-riding their own autonomy.

A recap of what's waiting inside: 

Reduce Spasticity for the Arms and Legs 
8 guided videos 
(Valued at $400)

Reduce Toe Walking 
3 Guided Videos 
(Valued at $150)

BONUS Demo Guided Video 
1 Guided Videos 
(Valued at $50)

BONUS Arm AND Leg Movements 
8 Guided Videos 
(Valued at $400)

Total Value = $1000


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What families are saying...

"He can breathe easier and he's so relaxed!"
- Darlene

"The movements feel good and allow me to keep walking!"
- Jordan

Hi I'm Jen!

I help parents access the remarkable potential of their child's brain through movement, so that they can reach their next milestone. 

I'm a mom of three (one with a rare genetic disorder) and these are the simple movements I wish I’d known how to do when she was first diagnosed.

Before I became an Anat Baniel Method® Practitioner, we were given a LOT of repetitive exercises that were time consuming, my daughter didn't like and we just weren't seeing results. 

Once I understood that movement is organized by the brain and started changing a few simple, everyday movements, my daughter started changing. We began to notice: better balance, less back-arching, better sleep, and more emotional regulation.

This all helped her to build on what she was able to do, to reach her next milestones again and again. 

Come explore movement right at home, while helping your child reach their potential!

Just know that your child's potential is within your reach right now...

What more families are saying...



Simple, gentle movements you can do right at home in only minutes per day.
YOU can help your child rewire their brain to reduce spasticity, improve balance, coordination and help them reach their potential.