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Movement Classes are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you (or your child) have any kind of medical condition, consult your medical practitioner about using these programs. Responsibility for the exercises is necessarily the user's.


MindfullMovement Program


7 day, full access pass to enjoy ALL the membership benefits.

✔️Full Library of Movement Classes

Over 100 videos. Explore movement with your child from home. Access any class, from any device, at anytime.

✔️Any Developmental Stage

There are Movement Classes for everyone.

  • Increase head control, balance, coordination. 
  • Explore rolling, army crawling, reaching, standing, bearing weight and so much more!

Give your child's brain the information they need to develop to their next stage.

✔️Guidance and Support

Exclusive Facebook group for extra videos, tips and get your questions answered.

✔️Monthly Events inside FB Group

  • Intro to Rolling
  • 5 Days to help Reduce Spasticity
  • 5 days to Better Balance
  • The 5 Stages of Army Crawling
  • Bearing Weight
  • 5 Days of the 9 Essentials®
  • and so much more.

Past events are available to watch again and again! 


For parents and caregivers of children with special needs:

  • With children of all abilities.
  • Who want to incorporate slow, gentle movements into their everyday life (without leaving your house!)
  • Who want to support their children's development through movement. 

What we'll cover:

  • Learn WHAT TO DO to support your child's unique movement potential.  
  • Everyday Movements you can do with your child and create learning moments. 
  • Get feedback, and questions answered inside our private FB group.



3 Steps to Reduce SPASTICITY:
Support your child's brain (instead of fighting against it), then add in the right type of gentle variation that your child's brain needs to reorganize their movement patterns for LESS spasticity and more ease and coordination.

Improve SCOLIOSIS Workshop:
3 gentle movements your child's brain needs to reorganize their movement patterns and improve scoliosis and mobility (and decrease pain)

3 Steps to your child's SELF AGENCY
Access your child's brain through your everyday interactions.
Self-guided parent coaching program based on Anat Baniel's newest "Through Your Hands" program.


See you inside the MindfullMovement Program!
XO Jen 


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