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Learn to Stand by Lying Down

Did you know... we first learn to stand while lying down?!?

Learning how to hold ourselves upright under the force of gravity... begins on our backs!

Slowly moving our long limbs (under gravity) can be a fun experiment.

There's ways to move with a LOT of muscular effort and there's ways to move with very little muscular effort.

Come explore some "effortless" ways to stand, while lying on the back (the safest position for your child to explore new movements!)

What you'll explore wth your child:
✓ Why lying down is the best way to learn how to stand upright
✓How to move our long limbs (legs!) with the least amount of effort under the force of gravity
✓ Easy movements to explore during your everyday to encourage the organization of standing (while lying down!)

The 5 Videos included: 


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