3 Movements to Improve Scoliosis

Improve your child's scoliosis and spine mobility, while decreasing back pain.

Learn 3 gentle movements with your child to improve scoliosis, right from home, all while:

✅  Respecting your child's autonomy

✅  Improve mobility by coordinating their whole body (not just the spine)

✅ Engage your child's BRAIN with quality movements, instead of fast, hard, boring, repetitive exercises

✅  Creating connection, engagement, and self agency for your child

 What's Inside:

Video 1
✅ How do these Movements Work to Reorganize the Spine?

Video 2
✅ Movement #1 
Gentle Twist in Sitting

Video 3
✅ Upper Spine Curve vs Lower Spine Curve

Video 4
✅ The Secret to Improving Scoliosis

Video 5
✅ Movement #2
Lying on Side

Video 6
✅ Movement #3 
Supporting the Spine

You get immediate and lifetime access to all of the guided videos.  

Start today and improve your child's scoliosis and spine mobility, while decreasing back pain.


Hi! I'm Jen,

I'm an Anat Baniel Method® Practitioner, and teach exercises as gentle and respectful as your parenting style, to help your child with developmental delays reach their next milestone.


What you'll need:

✔️ Your child :)
✔️ A safe space for you and your child to move around on the floor. Use mats, blankets, whatever you both need to get comfortable.  

What other parents are saying:

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** These Movement Videos are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. They are for educational purposes only and are not therapy. If you (or your child) have any kind of medical condition, consult your medical practitioner about using these programs. Responsibility for the exercises is necessarily the user's.