The 3 Steps to Reduce Spasticity

(that work better than stretching!)


What you'll learn...

The 3 gentle and respectful steps to reduce spasticity that you can do at home

How to work WITH your child's brain, not against it.

Why frustration, or pain, should never be a part of helping your child learn their next milestone (and what to do instead!)

What other parents are saying...


Hi, I'm Jen! 

We had so many disappointing experiences with traditional therapies for my daughter (born with a rare genetic disorder). 

  • “Don’t worry, we can still exercise them while she cries.”
  • “I’ve never worked with a child with spasticity AND low tone.”
  • “I don’t work with kids who are so developmentally delayed.”
  • “No pain, no gain.” 
    (Is this REALLY how we expect infants to learn new skills??!?!?!)

I Googled, I scoured Youtube, I read mommy blogs.

I KNEW there had to be a therapy that got to the root of my daughter’s development - I knew that accessing her BRAIN was the key (instead of exercising and stretching muscles). 

Then I found the Anat Baniel Method® and everything changed. 

  • Finally a modality that put the brain AND the child first.
  • Finally a modality that used gentle, respectful movements.
  • Finally a modality that engaged my daughter.
  • Finally a modality that saw my daughter for what she was, not what needed to be fixed.

If you’re a parent who’s ever wondered if there’s a gentle, more respectful way to help reduce your child's spasticity...

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The 3 Steps to Reduce Spasticity
(that work better than stretching!)


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